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Harry The Hedgehog's UK Tour!

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The school's mascot, Harry the Hedgehog, is once again going on tour following his world tour last year that took in such far flung countries as Argentina, Japan,  Russia and  Vietnam!


This year  pupils will be tracking Harry's whereabouts as he visits towns and cities all over the UK as part of a special geography project.


Pupils, teachers, parents and carers can all be part of the fun. Simply inform Mr Osborne of any interesting location you are visiting and you may well find that Harry will want to go with you! All we ask is that you take a photograph of Harry with an iconic backdrop which identifies the place he has visited. Email the photo to the school to the children with their project.  Emailed photographs should be sent to :



If you are lucky enough to take Harry away with you, please remember to return him to school - he gets very prickly if he gets lost with no means of getting home!