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Welcome to our page! Reception is made up of two classes this year; we have R Darling with Miss Green, Mrs Nicholaou, Miss Luxford and Miss Brown and R Shakespeare with Mr Trehern and Mrs Eve. Check back to see our weekly newsletter! Click on the pictures of Grace Darling and William Shakespeare to see some pictures of what has been happening in your child's class this week!   


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                                Friday 26th May 2017

This week we have been focussing on books and have read quite a few. We have asked children to bring in their favourite books and the pile on our desks has been getting very big which is great to see. We have had books such as ‘The Gruffalo’, ‘The Tiger who came to tea’, ‘Lego Batman’, ‘The Children’s Bible’, ‘The Snail and the Whale’ come in and books about animals, food and even some activity books. We have enjoyed looking at the variety of books and reading some happy, sad and funny stories as well as learning about the body and the world. Whilst focussing on books we have been thinking about the way that stories are structured and have been pausing whilst reading and predicting what might happen next. You can do this at home with your child asking them to use clues from the pictures to help with their predictions. Some children have been writing book reviews where they had to think about the setting, character and describe the main parts of the story. We have also been discussing what it is that we like about our favourite books and why. Ask your child what it is they like about their favourite book and then share your own with them!


You may have heard about our ‘get caught reading’ challenge this week where everyone was challenged to find unusual places to read and book and then to get caught reading there. We have had children reading under tables, in tyres, under blankets and sitting on the sideboards in class. We now hand this challenge over to you for the half term break. We would like to see as many pictures as possible of everyone reading in different places, you may want to read a book as you are on a bus, at the park, next to a statue, on a mountain, on a plane, in a tree or in a box. Please send your pictures in with your child when we return to school on Tuesday 6th June 2017. If it is easier you can always send your pictures to the school email address ( with the subject area as ‘Reception photos’.


This week we have been doing some doubling activities and have been looking at what happens when you double (add two groups of the same size together). We have been using compare bears, unifix cubes and numicon in our investigations. Some children used pictures of ladybirds which had spots on one wing and then they had to draw the same amount on the other wing and then add them together to find the doubling total. Over the break you could do your own doubling investigations by setting out a number of objects and then asking your child to find the same amount. The next step is to then count both groups and find the answer.


Don’t forget to continue to fill out your child’s scrapbook as we will be writing all about our half term news when we return and it will help prompt your child with their writing. If you do run out of pages, you can always slide some blank ones in at the end.

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