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Reception 2017


Welcome to our page! Reception is made up of two classes this year; we have R Shakespeare with Mr Trehern and Mrs Eve and R Darling with Miss Radford and Miss Luxford. Check back to see our weekly newsletter! Click on the pictures of Grace Darling and William Shakespeare to see some pictures of what has been happening in your child's class this week!


           R Shakespeare           R Darling       

                                Friday 8th December 2017


Do you know what number comes before or after 7? This week we have been revisiting one more and one less and looking at different ways to investigate. We have been using number lines to count forwards and backwards and have been using objects to count too. The real challenge is to see if we can identify the numbers without anything and just use our amazing counting skills. Over the weekend you could look at one more and one less with your child. You could ask them to take one more/less steps than you as you walk along the road and count out loud for your child to hear.


After adding so many labels around our classroom last week we thought about the Nativity story and what labels we could add to it. We had to choose characters from the story and then write their names or a sentence about them. Ask your child to tell you who the characters in the Nativity story are. You could even draw your own scene with your child and label them.


This week we were invited to the Juniors to see the year 3 Nativity. It was great to see how they are retelling the story and the songs that they are singing. It has given us a boost for our own show and we have been busy practicing for our performances next week. We will be performing on Thursday 14th December at 9:30am for the R Shakespeare families and on Friday 15th December at 9:30am for the R Darling families. Space is limited so please arrive early. Our show is expected to last around 20 minutes. If you have not already sent in your child’s costume then please make sure that it is in a labelled bag on Monday (please check previous newsletters on the website for coloured clothing needed).


We have been busy making hats for our show and decorations for our classrooms this week. You may have noticed the paper chains that we have hanging up. It means that our classrooms are now looking even more Christmassy. Cutting and sticking are great for our hand to eye coordination and we have also been using our counting skills as counted how many more pieces we were adding to our chains and how many we had to take away when they were too long.

Please remember to read with your child at home and record how well they have read in their reading record. Your child will have a stamp to say when they have read with an adult and it is important that we can comment on the reading that they have done with you. We can’t do that if there is no message in their reading record! There are so many opportunities for reading in and around your home whether that is finding particular letters or words on books and DVD’s or reading signs and instructions when you are out and about with your child. Any reading your child does can be recorded in their reading record or on proud clouds!