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Reception 2017


Welcome to our page! Reception is made up of two classes this year; we have R Shakespeare with Mr Trehern and Mrs Eve and R Darling with Miss Radford and Miss Luxford. Check back to see our weekly newsletter! Click on the pictures of Grace Darling and William Shakespeare to see some pictures of what has been happening in your child's class this week!


           R Shakespeare           R Darling       

                                          Friday 9th March 2018

Who do we call in an emergency? Over the past two weeks we have been thinking about people who help us and who we would need to call if we needed help. Ask your child what number we need to call in an emergency. Last week we had visits from the police and a nurse from Wood Street and we were able to ask them questions about why they do their job and about some of the tools that they use. Ask your child which visit they liked the best and why. We have been writing about the different roles and how we are helped by others. Over the weekend you could create a picture or write about the job that your child would like to do when they are older. How will they help people?


Unfortunately we had to cancel our trip to Chingford Fire Station due to the weather but we are working hard to get another date as soon as possible and we will let you know as soon as it has been rearranged.


This week we have been busy completing mini maths challenges in class with numbers and shapes. We had to estimate how many objects we could see hidden in places and then check to see if we were right. We have also been challenging our friends to hidden number games. One person would close their eyes whilst the other covered up a number on a number line or a 100 square. We then opened our eyes and wrote down the number that we thought was hidden, checking to see if we had written it correctly. Over the weekend you could challenge your child to find hidden numbers, put them in order and then see if they can tell you the number that is missing as you remove one.


As you are aware it will be Mothers’ day on Sunday 11th March and we have been thinking about all of the things that our mothers, aunts, grandparents and sisters do for us. We thought that it would be nice to make a card to say thank you for everything and used the Kandinsky skills that we have learnt to design our own unique cards. You will notice something strange about who the card is from. We have been thinking about alliteration (ask your child what it is) and have used it in our cards. We had to think of something that started with the same letter as our name and then wrote it down. You could think of some alliteration sentences over the weekend for your child and send them in to share with the class. You could use “five firefighters, fighting, ferocious, fires” to get you started.


If you have a look at the back of your child’s reading record you will find the ‘Reading Challenge’ chart has started being filled in. Every day that you read with your child, please remember to write the date and comment in their reading record. Whenever we see a comment we will stamp the back of the book when we read with your child. We are very excited to get to 50 stamps and get a prize from Ms Lampard!


Thank you to all those that came to visit us for the Lovely Ladies Lunch today, it was great to see so many faces taking part in a range of activities with the children. We hope you enjoyed it as much as the children did!