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Reception 2017-18


Welcome to our page! Reception is made up of two classes this year; we have R Shakespeare with Mr Trehern and Mrs Eve and R Darling with Miss Radford and Miss Luxford. Check back to see our weekly newsletter! Click on the pictures of Grace Darling and William Shakespeare to see some pictures of what has been happening in your child's class this week!


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Friday 22nd June 2018

Could you be a scientist? This week it has been science week and so we have been carrying out lots of different investigations which we have listed below. Ask your child how we did each experiment and what happened. They could even tell you which was their favourite and what they would do differently next time.

Slime Making – we had a visit from Sonic Sally who showed us different ways of making sound including using a metal rod. We also had the opportunity to make our own brightly coloured slime using pva glue, borax and food colouring.


Rainbow Card - We used black card, clear nail varnish and water to make a rainbow coloured picture. We filled a bowl of water, pushed our card to the bottom and then added a drop of nail varnish to the water. When we lifted our card out of the water it had had a rainbow effect on it. Ask your child where the rainbow colours came from.


Diet Coke Eruptions – We added mentos to diet coke and watched them create a fountain effect. We compared the difference in Tesco’s own diet coke to Coca Cola’s diet coke. Ask your child which made the biggest fountain and what does that mean?


Colour Changing Milk – We mixed milk and food colouring and then dipped cotton buds in washing up liquid. We then dipped our cotton bud into the coloured milk and the colours all moved around. Ask your child why the colours move away from the cotton bud.


Lava Lamps – We put oil, water and food colouring in a water bottle. We then added an alka-seltzer table and watched as bubbles appeared in the coloured water and rose to the top of the bottle. We did find out that the red food colouring made the most amount of bubbles. Ask your child why the bubbles appeared in the bottles.


Disappearing Skittles – We put a ring of skittles on a plate and then added warm water and watched as colours began to appear in the water. Ask your child to tell you where the colours came from and what it tells us about Skittles.


Strong Spaghetti – We looked at the importance of teamwork this week and how on our own (one single piece of spaghetti) we may not be able to hold a lot but when we work as a team (bunch of spaghetti) we can hold all sorts of things. Ask your child what objects they used the spaghetti to hold up.


Catapults – We have been using lollipop sticks and elastic bands to make our own catapults in class. We then tested them with different objects to see which travels the furthest. The challenge for the weekend is to investigate how we can make the same object travel further using our catapult, could we make the spring part longer, could we attach something like a bottle lid to hold our object still as we push the catapult down. We would love to see how you change the catapult so please send them in or send a picture to the school email.


Parachutes – It has been great seeing so many different parachutes coming in to school and we have been making our own in class. We have been using rulers to measure out paper, plastic, string and material to use in our parachutes. We then had to test our parachutes by dropping them off of the climbing frame. Ask your child how their parachute landed, what could they use to make it land quicker or slower?


We finally made it to the Fire Station this week and were able to look at all of the different equipment they use to put out fires and rescue people from cars. We were able to try on some of the uniform and see what happens when they receive an emergency call in their office, where they cook their food and exercise. We then climbed aboard the Fire Engine and looked at the equipment inside and we were also able to have a go at spraying a hose as if we were putting out a fire. Ask your child what their favourite part of the trip was, you could create a picture or write about the trip with your child over the weekend! Thank you to those that came with us on the trip.


We are sure that you have heard about our new furry visitors. We had 12 duck eggs arrive on Monday and since then we have been watching them hatch. We had to keep them in a special warm box at first, ask your child what it is called (incubator) but now that they have hatched they are in a big cage and they have been busy playing too!