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Reception 2017


Welcome to our page! Reception is made up of two classes this year; we have R Shakespeare with Mr Trehern and Mrs Eve and R Darling with Miss Radford and Miss Luxford. Check back to see our weekly newsletter! Click on the pictures of Grace Darling and William Shakespeare to see some pictures of what has been happening in your child's class this week!


           R Shakespeare           R Darling       

                                 Friday 20th October 2017

This week we have been focussing on our class names Grace Darling and William Shakespeare. We have been looking at how they used to live in 1564 (Shakespeare) and 1815 (Darling). We found out that William Shakespeare is famous for the plays and sonnets he used to write and Grace Darling is famous for saving sailors stranded at sea. You will find a picture of your child’s class focus with this week’s newsletter for your child to colour in and we will add it to our class displays when we return after the half term break. If you find out any more information on our focus people from the library for example then please send it in with your picture.


We have been thinking about the food that would have been available in the 1500s and the 1800s as we would not be able to pop to the local Costa or McDonald’s if we were hungry. We have been looking at the healthy vegetables that would have been grown and have been using some of these to make a soup in class this week. Ask your child what ingredients we used in our soup. We had to work as a team to chop up potatoes, onions, broccoli, garlic and basil before cooking them to make our soup. Ask your child if they liked our soup, over the holidays you could make some healthy foods with your child. Don’t forget to send in any pictures of what you create.


We have been practising our number formation this week and have been looking at where we start and finish. To help us remember how to write each number we have been using rhymes such as “across the sky, down from the heaven, that’s the way to make a seven”. We have attached a copy of the rhymes for you to practice with your child at home.


We have continued to read our Percy Park-keeper books this week and have been pausing to ask questions such as “what do you think will happen next, how can they fix the problem, what is the character thinking/feeling and how do you think the story will end. It is important to question your child about books to see what hidden messages they can pick up and it also helps them to gain a better understanding of how the story is progressing. The local library is full of books for you to explore over the half term break!


What is Diwali? This week we have been learning about the Hindu celebration Diwali and how it is a festival of light. We have been looking at the various ways in which Hindus celebrate Diwali and have been making our own light pictures in class. Ask your child about what happens in the story to Rama and Sita and why this celebration is called the festival of light. Some children have been comparing Rama to a superhero as he had to save Sita.


We have sent home some key words for your child to practice over the break. You will notice that each letter has a sound button underneath them. We say to the children that they have to say the sound whenever we press the button and that will speed up until they blend (say the whole word). Each week we will be reading with the children and so the sheet of words and eventually books sent home will be at the level we feel is appropriate for your child. You can cut the words up and put them around your house and take it in turns to read them aloud to each other.