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C of E Primary School

"Don't look out only for your own interests, but take an interest in others, too."  (Philippians 2:4)

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What a lovely year we have had with you all!! Thank you for your hard work, positivity, kindness to each other and to the grown ups. We will miss you all so much.


Keep trying hard in Year 5 and in your life. Each of you are very special and can achieve great things if you put your mind to it. Never give up.


Enjoy your Summer Holiday, be good to your family and be safe.


See you in September.


lots of love,


Miss W and E, Miss Cook, Mrs M and Mr Winspear xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Board Games Day



Thursday 7th - STANSTED MOUNTFITCHET - you may bring up to £3 if you wish.

keep an eye on the weather, remember your packed lunch, wear your trainers with your uniform. Hopefully the sun will shine!!


Monday 11th July - Reports home


Tuesday 12th JULY - SPORTS DAY (1.30pm for ks2) Make sure that you know your team colour (list is in the classroom on the board!)


Wednesday 13th July - Forest picnic all day (-packed lunch required and walking shoes/trainers)

In the morning we will be behind the Connaught Tennis Club building shelters from logs. At lunchtime we will cross the road and eat lunch by the Hunting Lodge. Younger siblings are welcome to join us for lunch between 12-1. In the afternoon we will go down onto the plains for a scavenger hunt.


Thursday 14th July - MEET new teacher in the day and PARENTS EVE (no appointments - bring your child with you) 3.30-6.00


Monday 18th July - CHINGFORD'S GOT TALENT 1.30 in Junior Hall


Tuesday 19th July - SPORTS PERSONALITY - 1.30 in Junior Hall


Wednesday 20th July - LAST DAY OF YEAR 4 :-(


Year 4 trip to stansted mountfitchet castle Thursday 7th July. We only have 4 spaces in the coach for parent helpers. Please let us know if you would like to help and we will let you know shortly. Please also note that we have our Forest End of year picnic on Wednesday 13th where all are welcome!! Many thanks.

Buddhism. Today we have been asking the Big Questions and getting very spiritual. Why can't animals talk? Who made God? Why don't people have purple eyes? How big is Heaven? What happens after we die? What is my purpose? Why have I got 2 eyes and 1 nose and not 2 noses and 1 eye?!?! Then we made a clay tile of Buddha's image.

Emotional Thermometer. We've been thinking about our range of emotions and putting them on a thermometer. We used emojis and then drew some of our favourite ones. Which is your favourite emoji??

Wednesday 15th June - we are open! After the unfortunate flood damage earlier in the week, our classroom will be out of action whilst the ceiling is being repaired. We will need to show tenacity as we continue our learning in different locations around the school :-) :-)

Happy 90th Birthday Ma'am. Today, to celebrate the Queen's official birthday, we had a picnic lunch on the grass.

Our PE unit this half term - Athletics. We are practising events for Sports Day.

Today we did some Coding in Computing.

Congrats to our A and B Mini Tennis teams who won their Borough final and our going to Crystal Palace to represent Waltham Forest at the London Youth Games on Thursday 30th June.

Welcome back to our last half term together in year 4 😬


Anglo Saxons: Sutton Hoo guess who!

Today we have been researching charity adverts online to help us design our own.

Football trials. In June there will some footballing opportunities available to girls and boys. Numbers are limited so we held some year 4 trials on Wednesday 25th May

4EW have been invited to a watch Hockey festival at the Olympic Hockey Venue - Eton Manor near Stratford on Tuesday 21st June. This is an all day event so the children will require a packed lunch. Travel to and from the venue will be via public transport. 


Tuesday 24th May will be our last swimming session in Year 4. Swimming will resume again in Year 5.

3D Shapes! We cut out the net of a shape, decorated it and then made it by gluing the tabs together. They are now hanging beautifully in our class.

OM, Shanti, Om. Nathan and Emily showed us their best Bollywood dancing. Next week will be our last session so IF YOU WANT TO dress for Showtime, bring in a scarf or something shiny (OPTIONAL!), feel free ;-)

WE wrote some letters to companies asking for donations for the Summer Fair. Sara's letter was successful!

The 5K's - the symbols of Sikhism. Here we are looking at the Kirpan which symbolises Sikhs as warriors.

Advert Drama! From Peaman to Carrot Girl! We created and performed adverts to encourage children to eat well.

Spotting people working hard

Bollywood Dance star!

Amazing adverts. Our Literacy genre is to design adevrts. Here are some of us working in teams.

Use an embedded clause. Watch this funny Youtube clip to help you....

PE this half term: swimming for one hour and walk to and from pool. Our other session is Bollywood Dance. For this we DO NOT change into PE kits so expect them to come back unworn at half term.... 



Swimming and Healthy snacks

Please remember that your snack after swimming must be a healthy choice. Popcorn, crisps, sweets, biscuits etc are not allowed!!! Snacls that you bring in are for yourself - we do not share food due to allergies.

New Literacy genre - Adverts! Thank you for bringing in all of the adverts.Today we used them in Literacy so that we could identify the features of what makes a good advert before we begin to make our own.

Our school will be taking part in the national fitness initiative 'The Daily Mile'. Each day, come rain or shine, we will be going outside at some point during the day to run/jog/walk for a mile. This is in addition to our 2 hours of PE and daily 5 minutes of exercise '5 a day'. No specialist clothing or footwear is necessary although if you want to bring in your trainers each day to change into you may (as long as it can be done quickly!). It's quick, it's fun and goes towards your daily 10,000 steps goal. One mile roughly equates to 2,000 of those steps. Are you doing 5 miles or 10,000 steps a day? What could you do to 'up' your steps? Walk to school, take the stairs not the lift or escalator, walk to the shops or your friend's house.... Every bit of exercise counts towards being a fit, healthy and happy person. Exercise = happiness!!!


find out more about it by following this link:






Serve a salad! A fantastic afternoon of chopping, peeling, slicing, layering, mixing... The children made some wonderful tasty salads.Well Done!!

We are the jealous Jutes, angry Angels and smashing Saxons tribes! Coming from Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands, together we are the Anglo-Saxons and we invaded your country in the year 449AD.

4EW had a great day learning about the Romans at the museum of London on Tuesday 19th April. Remember to write your report for your homework!

Welcome back to school and the summer term!

Keep checking the dates page for info on what's coming up

Wednesday 13th April - Marathon Day

The whole school got together on the junior site to take part in a variety of sports:


1          x country

2         orienteering

3         Kurling

4         circuits

5         speed stacking

6         boxing

7         parachute

8         tug o’ war

9         quiz

10       drawing sports

11       archery

12      table tennis

13      fine motor

14      tyres and space hoppers


The weather Gods were smiling on us and we had an active day raising our heart rates as well as money for the NSPPC.

The Great Sports Relief Bake Off 2016. Congratulations to our winner.....Poppy. Ms Lampard commented on how hard it was to judge as the entries were so good - fantastic effort everyone.

We are 4EW

which stands for

Excellent and Wonderful!

THE GREAT SPORTS RELIEF BAKE OFF at Chingford C of E 2016. Look out for the posters we are making to advertise our own version of Bake Off!

Welcome to 4E/W! Here you will see all the learning going on in and out of the classroom! Please keep checking our page to find out what's going on and what's coming up as letters and information will all be here!

Miss Efreme and Miss Watson have been friends for nearly 20 years and it is a pleasure to share a class. We thoroughly enjoy working together and getting to know our new class.

Here are some snaps of us when we are out and about!

Our LSA - Mrs Mohamoodally (Mrs M)

Mr Winspear helps in class most days. He is very kind and patient and is brilliant at football. We are very grateful for his help.

Yesterday year 4 went to the Barbican and enjoyed listening to the LSO. (By Isabel)

In Science, we made a string telephone to find out if sound could travel through a solid. Lots of 'old fashion fun' was had!

This afternoon in D&T, we tried 5 different types of lettuce and completed a survey about salad ingredients the class liked. (By Alex)

Roman gladiator sandals. Check out our designs!

Scissors, coloured paper, glue.... can you guess what we've been making this afternoon?

To celebrate World Book day, we learnt about Haiku poems today. Haiku are Japanese poems consisting of 3 lines. They follow a 5,7,5 syllables pattern. There are about nature. We made some poetry books.

In our instructions writing, we made and then wrote the instructions for how to make a cuppa tea and a lovely slice of toast.

Friday is SPaG day!

Today we were learning how to use 'was' and 'were' correctly. Here is a link to a site to play some games if you love SPaG as much as Miss Watson!

How to make a pop up card! In Literacy, our genre is 'Instructions writing'. We made a card and then wrote instructions in our books.

This afternoon we started our new RE topic - Judaism. We looked at some symbols and artefacts. We will be learning about the importnat festival of Passover soon.

On Monday the 22nd February it was World Thinking Day and all the cubs and brownies came to school wearing their uniforms. By Rory

LO: to be able to order words according to shades of meaning. From boring to wow....How successful would you have been in SPAG today????

Circle Time. Today we were discussing how to overcome problems by offering each other solutions. We didn't tell each other what to do, we started with the words 'would it help if....' Thanks to Poppy for the photos :-)

Designing Roman Mosaics

What did the Romans do for us? This afternoon we have been thinking about the Romans' legacy. How would you order these things from the most to least important?

Miss Bruford took our class for a maths workshop, we played lots of fun problem solving games and develoedp our mathematical skills

Battleships! As we are learning about coordinates in Maths, today we played Battleships in pairs and tried to guess where our partner's ships were on the grid. A correct guess of the coordinates meant that we had sunk their ship! We had 10 goes to try to sink their 5 ships!

Making Roman helmets and shields. Come to our Class Assembly on Friday Feb 5th to see them in action! We have also been learning a song called 'Just Like a Roman' which we will sing to you if you come along ;-) x

Mark making on square clay tiles. A big thanks to Mrs Learner and Mr Winspear who helped us make animal print marks on the clay.

Hidden Squares - Maths coordinates investigation Friday 15th January. Following our learning about coordinates last week, today we did an investigation to find the 8 hidden squares in the grid and had to write down the coordinates of the corners of each square. The first person to find all 8 squares, and who had written out the coordinates correctly, had to shout out 'Hidden Squares' to win a prize. The winners were Nathan and Luke. Well done boys.

Today we were learning about the digestive system and we made posters together. (By Summer)

IN PE, our unit is Dance for this half term. We are learning a James Bond dance! Check out our moves :-)

In Maths today we have been learning how to read and plot co-ordinates on a graph. we learnt about the x and y axis and how to write co-ordinates using brackets and a comma.

Spelling and Grammar is tricky!! Today we have been thinking about verbs and their past tense. Did you know choose becomes chose in the past tense? shrunk becomes shrank? build becomes built? There are some really naughty ones such as go which becomes went and did you know that if the verb ends in a 'y', you need to swap the 'y' to an 'i'. Furthermore, to change knit to its past tense, you have to double the 't' before adding 'ed'!

PE - Position, Aim, Throw! Have a look at some photos from the first lesson in our new Games topic for this half term. Thanks to Jaime for the photos!!