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Diwali Day


In Year 3 we have been having great fun learning about the Hindu festival of Diwali  at our Diwali Day. We have tried out many exciting activities including making Indian coconut sweets, creating Rangoli patterns with coloured rice, making clay divas, paper garlands and cards. Here are some photos we took from the day.

Making Diwali Cards

Making Diwali Cards 1
Making Diwali Cards 2
Making Diwali Cards 3
Making Diwali Cards 4

Making Indian Laddoo

 Making Indian Laddoo 1
 Making Indian Laddoo 2
 Making Indian Laddoo 3
 Making Indian Laddoo 4

Making Divas

Making Divas 1
Making Divas 2
Making Divas 3
Making Divas 4

Making Garlands

Making Garlands 1
Making Garlands 2
Making Garlands 3
Making Garlands 4

Bollywood Dancing

Bollywood Dancing  1
Bollywood Dancing  2
Bollywood Dancing  3
Bollywood Dancing  4