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Events in 2016

The Christmas fayre on the 10th December 2016 was a fantastic day and everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves. The event made a profit of approximately £3100! The children in the infant and junior choirs sang beautifully. Thank you to everyone that came, who helped on the day with stalls, class stalls, in the kitchen, clearing up etc. We could not run these events without the help and support from the parents, carers and staff at the school. A big thank you must go to Sam Block for organising this whole PA event!!


Thank you to everyone that attended our PA quiz night on the 26th November. As usual it was a big success.  We had 29 people making up teams and congratulations to the winning team "Three men and a lady"! Thank you to Sam Block and Maggie Howlett for arranging this event and a big thank you to Paul Block for organising the questions and hosting the event. The event made a profit of £116!


Thank you to everyone that attended our annual fireworks display on 5th November. It was a fantastic event and I am sure that everyone enjoyed it. We have received lots of great comments. Thank you as always to everyone who volunteered to help. Special thanks goes to our team of pyrotechnic dads who start planning this event months in advance - Ian Torrie, Tony Howlett, Martin Smith and Adrian Mitchell. Thank you to Riney's for letting us borrow their crowd control barriers for the night. Sadly we will be approximately £180 down on our profit as when we paid the money from the night into the bank there was £100 in counterfeit notes which the bank had to retain. Also a pot of money which was for the NSPCC was stolen from one of the classes during the evening and the PA have decided to reimburse the school for this. We feel very sad about this. We are very pleased to update you that our final profit figure for the fireworks event is approximately £3460 which is amazing!!


Thank you to all of the reception year parents that came to the Reception Parents PA welcome meeting on the 21st September. It was lovely to meet you all.


After some teething problems we have managed to run the draw for the Club 100. Apologies to everyone and thank you for being so patient. There are currently 60 participants raising a total of £720 for the Parents Association half of which goes into funding that will improve our children's experience at or around the school. The remaining £360 has been divided into monthly prizes of £30 with no draw in August but a £60 Christmas prize in December instead.

Winners for this year so far are -

June - Tony Howlett

July - Debbie Torrie

August - No draw

September - Amanda Youngson.


The winners of last year's Club 100 (which was done differently with different prize amounts) were -
May - Pippa Adams
July - Jill Dean
October - Emma Ayto
December - Caroline Wright
February - Sally Brincklow House.

Congratulations to the winners and good luck to everyone for next months draw!!


The Summer of love summer fayre on 16th July was a huge success. The latest figure is £13,000 profit!! That is an amazing amount to raise and we would like to say a huge thank you to everyone involved in the run up to the day and on the day itself but special thanks must go to Carmela Antoniou, Kelly Wild, Sarah Pullen, Tracey Kramer, Silvia Garrido Kemp, Shelley Williamson, Marc Fletcher, Kirsty Efreme, Ann Barry, Lisa Bond, Gaynor Nelson, Sue Haydon, Lisa Amor, Margaret Curzon and Sarah Wareing who have been working hard for months to make it a really special day for our school and children. There was so much to see and do and the 1960's band "The Estrella's" were amazing. We are sure that everyone had a good time as well as raising money for our school. The Summer Fayre Committee would like to thank Mr Bygrave for his help on the day, all the parents across the years who helped on the day and everyone that donated gifts and bottles.


Thank you to everyone that sold some raffle tickets. The prizes were fantastic! The following children all sold the most raffle tickets in their classes and will receive an Argos voucher from the Summer Fayre Committee as a thank you -

RGN Alexandra - 162 tickets

RT Lara - 112 tickets

1F Thomas - 95 tickets

1L Samuel - 97 tickets

2H Toby - 80 tickets

2M Kye - 149 tickets

3G Alfie - 45 tickets

3R Mia - 30 tickets

4S Poppy - 80 tickets

4EW Sara - 45 tickets

5R Tyler - 20 tickets

5B Megan - 98 tickets

6B Lewis - 65 tickets

6T Michael - 20 tickets.


​The Parents Association recently bought some new goals and table tennis tables for the children on the junior site. This was made possible because you supported our PA events. The children are enjoying playing with these at break times. Thank you very much!


The Dad's golf day on 10th July was a big success. Thank you to David Alt for organising this event and to the Dad's who joined in. This event made a profit of approximately £120 for the school and all the dads had a lovely day. Well done to the winning team - Adrian, Lee, Dave and Simon! Thank you to Adrian Mitchell for taking some photos of the day.


We are sorry to say that the camp over night due to take place this weekend has had to be cancelled due to the bad weather that we have been having recently. We have inspected the field, discussed with the school and looked at the weather forecast and have decided that it is not sensible to go ahead with this event. We are sad that our British summer has let us down. Full refunds will be given. Thank you to Sam Block for organising this event.


On 17th June all of the children were given Father's Day/Someone Special gifts to take home. They were lovely gifts and I am sure that the children all enjoyed personalising them. A big thank you to Shula Barrington for organising this.


The Junior children enjoyed their disco on the 27th May. This was a free event paid for by the Parents Association. All the children seemed to have a wonderful time. Thank you to everyone involved in the organising of this event and thank you too to our volunteers on the night.


The Treasurer's finance report is now on this page detailing how much has been raised over the last financial year and how this money has benefitted our children at school. 


On Thursday 24th March the children had their Easter egg raffles. Well done to the lucky winners! The Easter baskets looked amazing. We would like to say a big thank you to Sam Law for organising this event and making the lovely Easter baskets.
On Wednesday 16th March we had our PA AGM with cheese and wine refreshments. We discussed how we have raised money over the last year and how much has been raised.  We would like to say a big thank you for all of their help over the last few years to Lisa Brooks and Jacqui Neophytou who have stepped down from their roles this year. Welcome to our new committee members Sam Block and Carmela Antoniou and thank you too to everyone else who volunteered to remain on the committee. The PA Committee members are -
Joint Chairs - Maggie Howlett and Sam Block                                                                                                         
Treasurer - Graham House                   
Correspondence Secretary - Debbie Torrie
Procurements Secretary - Samantha Roney
Minutes Secretary - Carmela Antoniou
100 Club Secretary - Jon Rubidge.                                                                                                                      
On Friday 4th March Mother's Day/Someone Special flowers were given to every child in the school for them to take home.  The plants were lovely and the children looked very happy bringing them out to give to their Mum's/Someone Special. We would like to thank Shula Barrington, Tracey Kramer, Lisa Bond, Louise Latchford, Michelle Johns, Jenny Littman and Lucilla Ashton for organising this and for helping to wrap the plants. We did have several more people that had volunteered to help on the Friday but it was all done by the Thursday but thank you for volunteering to help anyway to Caroline Green, Carmela Antoni and Tracey Gasgoine. 


On Saturday 27th February we had our very popular PA Quiz Night. There were eleven teams and everyone had a great night. Paul, the Quiz Host had lots of interesting and fun questions. Congratulations to the winning team who were called "Insert your name here"!! We would like to thank Sam Block, Martin Block, Paul Block and Adele Luxford for organising this fantastic night. We will keep you updated with how much this event raised.


The Parents Association would like to thank the Barrington family for their very kind donation of two new barbeques.  These will be put to great use this year. Thank you!