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Events in 2017

We are pleased to update that the fireworks display made a profit of approximately £3900! Well done everyone!


On Thursday 14th December there was a Christmas party for parents and carers that was held at Essex House in Station Road. This was a party for all parents and carers throughout the whole school. Lots of people bought tickets and I am sure that they all had a fantastic time. Many thanks to Carmela Antoniou for organising this event.


On Saturday 2nd December we held our Christmas fayre. It was a lovely day with a great atmosphere. There were lots of stalls and things to do and this year for the first time we had an ice rink! Thank you to everyone that helped on the day including the children. Thank you to Emma Groves, Sarah Barlow, Lucilla Ashton, Gaynor Nelson, Lisa Bond, Maggie Howlett, Carmela Antoniou and Silvia Garrido Kemp for helping to organise the event. Special thanks goes to Garry Marshall for his help on the day and also to Kerry Friend for organising the ice rink, outside entertainment and sponsorship. We are pleased to report that the fayre made a profit of approximately £5500! Well done everyone!


Thank you to the parents and carers that were able to attend the planning meeting on the 14th November for next year's summer fayre. We always appreciate all offers of help.


On Saturday 4th November we had our annual fireworks display and it was another very successful evening. The display itself was amazing and everyone seemed to have a great time. Thank you to everyone that helped on the night - in the kitchen, on the stalls, on the gate, fire marshalling etc. Thank you to Rineys for lending us their crowd control barriers. A big thank you goes to our team of pyrotechnic dads who spend many hours planning the display and putting it all together for us - Ian Torrie, Adrian Mitchell, Tony Howlett and Martin Smith! Thank you for supporting this event!


We are happy to report that the iPads that were bought for the children from the profits of the summer fayre 2016 have now been delivered to the classes ready for the children to use.


The school has requested some money to help with the following -

 - Air conditioning units for 8 classrooms and 2 shared areas on the junior site - approximate price £16,000

 - Art project for juniors (80 children) - approximate price £1150

 - Flooring for the sensory room - approximate price £3000.

Please contact us via our email address for more information, your thoughts or preferences. Thank you.


Please be proud, by supporting all of our events last year we gave the school in excess of £20,000. Thank you for your ongoing support and money! We are always looking to support new suggestions and events so please contact us with your ideas.


An update on the summer fayre - some of the money that was raised has paid for the pond area at the junior site to have a makeover. It is now a secure area where children can enjoy pond dipping and nature on the doorstep. Just to clarify there was some confusion over the amount of money raised by the Summer Fayre 2016. The lesser figure presented at the AGM was only the amount of money that had been received during that financial year. We apologise for any confusion and please ask anyone to contact the PA directly if they have any queries or questions about anything.


On Saturday 8th July we had our annual summer fayre and this year it was "Disfest"! It was a fantastic day with such a great atmosphere. The sun was shining and everybody seemed to have a great time. There was lots of stalls, games and things to eat and drink. We even had visitors including a storm trooper and Minnie Mouse! Thank you to everybody that came and to everybody that helped on the day. We could not run these events without the support from the parents/carers, children and their friends and family. A special thank you goes to this year's summer fayre committee - Laura Mason, Jenny Bloomfield, Kerry Friend, Emma Groves, Kelly Summers, Carla Worthington, Carmela Antoniou, Sally Brincklow House, Jenny Spearman, Lucie Clark, Mel Poole, Sarah Barlow and Jade Bailey. You all did a fantastic job that takes many months to organise. Thank you!! We will update as soon as possible with a total amount of the money raised. 


The infants site had a visit from an animal expert on the 7th July. This was a free event paid for by the PA. The children saw lots of different animals including a snake and a tarantula!


We had our annual camp over night on 24th June and it was a huge success. The weather was kind to us this year and everyone really enjoyed themselves! A big thank you to Marc Fletcher for organising this event. This event made a profit of £318.00.


The children were all given presents to take home for Father's Day/Someone Special on Friday 16th June. They were very nice gifts and the children were very excited to be able to personalise them. A big thank you to Kay, Kay, Lucilla and Shula for organising this event. This event made a profit of £18.50.


We would like to welcome Lisa Bond as a new member onto our PA Committee!


Poppy and Stephanie from Year 5 completed the Mud Challenge recently and raised £100 towards our sensory room. Thank you girls and very well done!


We would like to say a big thank you to Sam Block who has stepped down from her role on the PA Committee. She has helped to raise a lot of money over the years for the school and has organised many of our events. She will be really missed!


The junior children had a great time at their disco on 26th May. This was a free event paid for by the Parents Association. Thank you to everyone who helped organise this event and also to the volunteers on the night. Also a big thank you to Sharon who was our dj for the night!!


We are very pleased to announce that the PA are funding the costs for the new sensory room in the Juniors. As soon as the work has been completed we will add the photos on to this page. We think that this is a great idea for the school and for our children. We are very proud of Poppy, Jessica and Ella from year 5 who decided to have a pop-up-stall one day after school last term to sell the left over chocolate eggs and treats from the Easter egg raffles to raise money and they wanted it all to go towards the sensory room. They raised over £101. Well done girls!!


Congratulations to our Club 100 winner for April - Sally Hobley!!


The Easter egg raffles were drawn in assembly on Wednesday 29th March. The Easter prizes were amazing! A big thank you to Sam Ryan Law for organising this. This event made a small profit - thank you for contributing and taking part. Congratulations to the winners - RS - Jacob, RD - Harry, 1S - Harry, 1B - Finn, 2N - Alecsandru, 2M - Victoria, 3B - Thomas, 3P - Jamie,  4B - Oliver,  4E - Holly,  5B - Ruby, 5H - Libby, 6P - Nathan, 6D - Jordan.


The children were given their Mother's day/someone special gifts to take home on Friday 24th March. They were really pretty gifts. This event made a small profit - thank you for contributing and taking part. A big thank you to Shula, Emily, Lucy, Lucilla, Maria, Angela, Kay, Kay, Michelle, Bianca, Shelley and Margaret for organising this. And also thank you to the volunteers collecting donations in the playgrounds from parents that had not been able to pay via ParentPay.


An update on Club 100 winners!

October - Emma Ayto

November - Lucilla Burnham

December - Margaret Curzon

January - Ian Torrie

February - Jill Short

March - Yvonne Ellis.

Congratulations to all of the winners!!! Your winnings are on their way to you.


On Thursday 16th March we had our PA AGM with delicious cheese and wine refreshments. We discussed the events that we have held over the last year, how much profit has been made and what has been bought for the school. This year's finance report will be added soon. All of the committee members volunteered to stay on the PA Committee and continue their roles. We have one new member and would like to say thank you and welcome to Marc Fletcher.


The profit that was made from the summer fayre last year has helped the school to purchase new computers for the infants site and an iPad for each class in the infants and the juniors. This is a fantastic thing to be able to do! Many thanks again to everyone involved in last year's summer fayre. We have recently been able to provide money for the school to purchase new planters at the junior site which is being used by the children during their gardening club.


Thank you to the reception class parents that attended the planning meeting on 31st January for this year's Summer Fayre. There was a good turnout of parents and a great theme has been decided upon!!