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C of E Primary School

"Don't look out only for your own interests, but take an interest in others, too."  (Philippians 2:4)

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Health and Safety

General Welfare, Sickness and Injuries

Children who feel sick or need first-aid during lesson time are dealt with by our First Aid Assistants. We have a medical room on each site where it is possible to deal with minor accidents and emergencies. At lunch time, the Midday Assistants take responsibility for First Aid. If your child suffers a knock on the head during the day, they will be given a letter to take home informing you of the fact.
If your child needs to go home, you will be contacted by telephone. We ask you for your contact details and keep a register of them in school. Please make sure that we are informed of any changes to the daytime contact numbers you have given us so that we are up to date and are able to contact you easily if your child becomes unwell or is injured.
If your child has suffered a stomach upset, then please be sure they are completely fit for a full day before returning them to school. To prevent the spread of infection we would ask you to keep your child at home for 24 hours after their last bout of diarrhoea or sickness.
Most children find it distressing to be ill away from home. Clearly there are times when pupils become ill unexpectedly during the course of the day. In such cases we do our best to make them comfortable and to contact parents. However, where illness is apparent in the morning, we ask you to keep your child at home to spare unnecessary distress.
Please contact the school to let us know on the first day of your child’s absence. If your child has to leave school during the day to attend a medical appointment, an appropriate adult must collect them from school and we ask you to give us prior notice and a copy of the appointment time.
We will administer medicine if it is prescribed four times a day, if it is prescribed three times a day then this can be managed around the school day . Should you wish the school to administer medicine, the appropriate form available from the School Offices must be completed and returned to the school office.




Unfortunately from time to time the children suffer outbreaks of head lice infestation. Many parents feel embarrassed if they find their child has caught head lice but we want to assure parents that there is no stigma attached. Head-lice prefer clean hair! Please check your child’s hair regularly and if you do discover head-lice, please let us know immediately. Strict confidence will, of course, be observed. Your child’s hair will need to be treated before he or she returns to school. We will also need to inform all parents that head lice are about, so that they can check their children's hair and stop it spreading. If we discover that your child has head-lice, we will let you know.
The School Nurse recommends that the whole family is treated, and that hair is combed daily each evening, in order to eliminate the problem. The Pharmacist or Doctor can give advice on the best treatment to buy.

Sun Creams

During hot weather we would like to ensure that the children have the benefits of the sunshine without being at risk. With this in mind we would request that you:-

  • put a high factor sun screen on your child in the morning
  • make sure that their neck and shoulders are covered
  • ensure that they have a hat to wear (legionnaires style preferably)

If you child has sensitive skin and you are concerned, you are very welcome to send in sun cream (clearly labelled with your child's name) to be reapplied at lunchtime but if a sun block is applied in the morning, this shouldn’t be necessary. Unfortunately we do not have the space to store individual children’s sun cream etc.
Staff on duty will remind children to play in the shade if they are feeling hot and to drink plenty of water. Should it be particularly hot, the children will be brought into school for indoor play.


Fruit and Water

As a part of a Government initiative to encourage healthy eating children at the Infant site are provided with fresh fruit during the morning break. On the Junior site children can either bring in fruit from home to eat or buy a small bag of fruit at morning break.
Children are encouraged to drink water throughout the day. Parents are asked to provide their child with a water bottle (clearly labelled with your child's name) that can be replenished each day.

School Nurse


A School Nurse only visits the school to conduct development health checks on children when they are first admitted to school. If you have any concerns about your child’s health or development you are advised to see your GP. A School Nurse is available at York Road Health Centre telephone number: 020 8430 7254. We can refer children for advice or a medical check if there are particular concerns.
If you have any health related concerns or worries about your child, please mention them at the school office and they will do their best to refer you to the right professional agency.

Care of Children

We have a very high regard for the safety, security and general welfare of all the children. The staff work to establish a caring environment for your child and take a personal interest in the children and their families. We hope that you will feel able to share any information with us that might affect the well being of your child. Anything that you tell us in confidence will be treated with the utmost respect. 


Child Protection


Everyone who comes into contact with children has a duty to safeguard and promote their welfare. All adults: staff and parent helpers are police checked in order to safeguard the children.

The school has a statutory duty to refer to social services any report of a child suffering or likely to suffer from significant harm. The designated Child Protection officer in both sites is Ms Lindsey Lampard.


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