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Junior Clubs

Years 3-6 can participate in a variety of after school clubs run by both staff and outside agencies. In addition to these the children also get involved in inter-school matches/events for selected players/athletes and compete in tournaments, congresses and competitions in and out of school.

Lunch Time Clubs

Lunch Time Clubs 1 Lego
Lunch Time Clubs 2 Art
Lunch Time Clubs 3 Drama
Lunch Time Clubs 4 Computing
Lunch Time Clubs 5 Yoga
Lunch Time Clubs 6 Gymnastics

After School Clubs

After School Clubs 1 Year 5&6 Football
After School Clubs 2 Year 3&4 Multi Sports
After School Clubs 3 KS2 Gymnastics
After School Clubs 4 KS2 Street Dance