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C of E Primary School

"Don't look out only for your own interests, but take an interest in others, too."  (Philippians 2:4)

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Learning in the Classroom

Amazing alliteration awaits you! Check out our silly sentences using the same sounds. Can you think of any sentences using alliteration?

We have been tasting different foods as part of our Design Technology learning (gnocchi, mango, chicken, cheese, kidney beans, cinnamon bagel, parsnip and brownies). Ask your child what new food they would like added to the shopping list at home. Jack would like gnocchi please :)

Fabric collage is part of our Design Technology learning. Once we had drawn an animal design in our sketch books we then started to create a fabric collage. Take a look at the children in action! Watch this space for the finished articles...

Here we are in P.E, thinking about the importance of exercise (as part of our 'Healthy Living' Science topic)

Perfect Pepper and Creamy Cheese Sandwich Making (title by Archie and George)

Our 'Big Writing' mornings are really helping us

to become even better writers. 


Mrs McMurray has a very tough job deciding which children will be chosen

as the writing Goal Scorers...

  nosmiley ...but decide she must, and here they are!  smiley no


18th March 2016

(Story Writing based on the 'The Circus' by Georges Seurat, 1891)

A long time ago there was a beautiful circus.  In the circus there were acrobats, horses and lions.

By Sid


Unfortunately the girl slipped and was bursting with tears, she didn't hurt herself she was just embarrassed. 

By Archie


If you were in a lovely, sparkly circus what act would you do?

By Anna


She was jumping because she had not been in a circus, she had to get ready.

By Phoebe


They played faster and faster then suddenly a spark!  Now the fire in the tent!

By Arthur


All of a sudden the show started.  Everyone was so excited some of the people fell off their chair!

By Talia

10th December 2015

(Christmas Show)

On the stage I felt happy because I saw my mummy and daddy and auntie Kim.

By Talia


I enjoyed it and do you think my parents enjoyed it?

By Arthur


When I was just about to skip in I was scared, nervous and shocked that the time had come.

By Anna


Next we got changed into our costumes but the hippos had to have some padding in their bottom and in their tummy so they looked fat.

By Archie


I was a teeny weeny bit nervous, excited and filled with happiness.

By Isobelle


I thought I was a very good singer!

By Joe

26th November 2015

(Florence Nightingale)

When she got there she was astonished by the dirt.

By Madiya


The smell was hideous, disgusting and horrible.

By Ava-Lila


When every tear came out of her eye it was sparkly.

By Rio-Jazz


She told her nurses to keep on scrubbing.

By Olivia


Her sister was called Frances and she was a bit annoying because she distracted Florence when she was reading.

By Lola

19th November 2015

(story writing with a cat character)

Breaking news! The cat saved the day!

By Henry


The toddler cried and his knee was bleeding very badly.  The blood was running down his leg.

By Sian



By Tia


An unusual party had been arranged.

By Jacob



By Zuzanna

12th November 2015

(describing a familiar setting)

smiley can you guess the  child's setting? smiley


The horses are so soft you could sleep on them all night.

By Kye


Do you know how lovely the ham, pepperoni and pineapple pizza is?

By George


Before we went home we made a quick sandcastle.

By Summer


I can taste some sausages, crisps and cake.

By Paige


If you go to the park it is really fun!

By Sonny

We created our very own Great Fire of Chingford C of E!


Chingford CofE Primary School

Kings Road

London, E4 7EY

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