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"Don't look out only for your own interests, but take an interest in others, too."  (Philippians 2:4)

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Frequently Asked Questions:



My child has finished everything:


The weekly aim is to earn 1000 points through doing a mixture of activities in the Learn section and Live Mathletics in the Play section (the latter allows them to compete with other children).  Whilst your child may have completed each activity once, an important aspect of mathematics is developing fluency and this is where repeating activities can help. New questions are generated each time an activity is completed so children can continue to practice skills so that number facts can be instantly recalled. 

There are also other activities to do.

Look at:

Explore section – watch practical maths activity video clips (maths mentors suitable for reception and Year 1) and Times table tunes

Play section - Rainforest Maths (all levels)

You can even access pupil (and teacher) work books for all topics at all levels – why not give these a try and apply your maths skills!


We cannot access some of the topics:


Class teachers have been instructed to open sections/topics within Mathletics gradually as the academic year progresses, in line with what has been taught in class. They will review this termly or half-termly, as appropriate. 



My child is waiting for a certificate:


Children's participation in Mathletics is monitored regularly by a member of the teaching staff. They print the certificates which are then passed to a member of the leadership team who present these during our Friday celebration assembly (currently held virtually). Whilst we aim to ensure that children receive their certificates promptly, please be patient with us as this can be quite a timely process. 




When will my child move up a colour band?


Colour band levels are decided based upon your child's ability to read the words (their ability to decode) and their reading comprehension (their ability to understand what they have read). This judgement is reached in a number of ways. 

Class teachers and LSAs regularly listen to children read in a number of ways e.g. 1 to 1, in a small group, with their learning partners, or to the whole class. Throughout this time, questioning is also used to assess children's understanding of the text being shared. Children's reading and comprehension ability is assessed during their Literacy and Reading Comprehension lessons. 

Please remember it is not a race to the highest colour - developing the ability to retrieve information from a text, to predict and infer are important skills to build.  




How do I know what my child is learning in class?


Maths: We are using White Rose materials to support the planning and teaching of Maths - the overviews of the topics being covered can be found  in our Key Information section, under 'Curriculum':


English: We use Power of Reading materials produced by the CLPE to guide our text choices and teaching sequences in our English lessons. Each half term we use a new text. Sometimes these texts are slowly revealed to children as we share the text in class which is why we do not initially share with you the text being studied. However, within the Curriculum section of our Key Information on our website, you will find our reading and writing progression maps. These will inform you of the knowledge and skills that are the focus for each year group. 

Information will continue to be added to the 'How to...' section within the 'Helping Your Child at Home' area of the website with regards to supporting reading, writing and spelling.


Foundation Subjects: Within in each of the year group pages, in the 'Welcome to Year...' section, you will find our curriculum overview for the academic year. Alternatively, they can also be found in our Key Information section, under 'Curriculum':

This will guide you as to the topic being covered in each of the Foundation areas of the curriculum. Of course, with the current situation, some areas of the curriculum may be delivered using a range of strategies at slightly different times of the academic year.


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