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"Don't look out only for your own interests, but take an interest in others, too."  (Philippians 2:4)

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                                                                                                                       Wednesday 20th July 2016


Can you believe that we have finished our first year of school? We have had a very busy one and have learnt lots of new things and visited some exciting places such as the Discover Centre and Paradise Wildlife Park.


This week we have been talking all about our favourite part of the year and also thinking about what it will be like in year 1 after the summer holidays. What has your child enjoyed this past school year? What topics did they like focussing on in class?


As your children enjoy their well-deserved break, you can continue to practice some of the skills they have been learning this year. You could play a board game with your child and ask questions such as; how many spaces do you need to move to win? How many do I need to move to win? What is the difference between these two numbers? You could play with action figures, Barbie’s or outside with plants and leaves and ask; How many objects do you have? How many objects will you have if I take or give you … (give an amount) Can you split this group in half or double it? When you are planning a day out don’t forget to tell your child the time you need to leave. You could ask them to show you what that time will look like on a clock? How much will the tickets cost? What coins could they use to make that amount? Can they use different coins to make that same amount?


If you stay at home during the day, why not read a story with your child and ask them about who the main characters are, what do they do? What do they think will happen on the next page? Do they like the ending of the story? Can they explain why they did or did not like the story? Whilst reading it you could ask them to read some of the words to you to help out. Can they write an alternative ending or their own story for you to read? Can they write about the main characters and what they looked like or did in the story?


If you go on any outings, look out for signs, key words etc for your child to read to you, you could even let them take pictures to keep and write about in their own diary or journal. You could even challenge them to find certain objects, animals, toys at home or out on day trips that start with a particular letter or have a given sound in.


There are many questions that you could ask your child to ensure that your child continues to use the skills they have learnt this year but please make sure they have time to relax and just play with you as it has been a busy year. We have had a busy time and have enjoyed getting to know your children who have come on so much in the past year. We hope they have enjoyed coming to school as much as we have in having them here. Have a fantastic summer holidays and we hope you all have a great time in year 1!


Where is the pirate treasure?


Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me!

Art is everywhere!

Have you tried Minibeast soup?

Shapes or letters, what can you make?

What's your favourite book?

Look at the beautiful birds flying past!

What a fantastic performance of 'The Egg' this week, who can do the 'walk the dinosaur' dance?


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