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C of E Primary School

"Don't look out only for your own interests, but take an interest in others, too."  (Philippians 2:4)

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School Council

Welcome to the website page of the School Council

On Tuesday 12th September last year's School Councillors completed their last job of office; they helped the Senior leadership Team and School Governors interview prospective catering companies to run our school kitchen from January 2018. This involved tasting food as well as listening to presentations and asking questions of the companies that are hoping to win the contract to cook and serve our lunches.





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Our school councillors for 2016-17 were:


Year 2 Finnley & Ruby

Year 3 Ava & Sonney

Year 4 Annabel & Blake

Year 5 Rory & Hannah

Year 6 Poppy & Eddie

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New School Council Elected!


A new School Council Has been elected following an exciting week of campaigning. The new councillors are:


Year 2  - Pricilla & Eloise

Year 3  - Lucy & Albert

Year 4 - Claudia & Alissa

Year 5 - Caitlin & Lily

Year 6 - Prya & Louis


Two 'Associate Councillors' from Year 6 have been appointed to support the school council. These councillors, Alex and Joe,  will play a major role in decision making and debate but do not have voting rights.


Year 6 councillor, Louis, was surprised to be elected. 'There was a lot of competition to be elected,' he said, 'and I didn't think I would be lucky enough to be given this honour.'


Fellow Year 6 councillor, Prya, commented, ' I am really excited to be elected and I think I can do a good job as a councillor.'


Caitlin and Lily from Year 5 are looking forward to their time in office and both have big plans for improving pupil experience.


' I would like to see better soap dispensers in the toilets. The soap is difficult to pump out properly and doesn't smell fresh enough,' declared Caitlin.


Lily would like to see the introduction of classroom pets. 'The Infant children have classroom pets, which is fine, but I would like to see The Junior children having the same opportunity. It would be nice to rear some hamsters or some other animals that are easy to look after.'


Claudia, Year 4 councillor, is looking to add scooter racks to the school council's shopping list. 'Parking our scooters is a nightmare. Today they are over 20 scooters on site and many are propped up against walls or lying down on the floor meaning they are becoming a health and safety hazard.'


Alissa also a Year 4 councillor, wants to see the return of' 'Golden Time'.  'I used to enjoy having 'Golden Time' on a Friday afternoon which meant that children who had behaved well during the week got to have treats such as extra playtime or the opportunity to play games in class.'


Year 3 councillors, Albert and Lucy, also  have big plans for the future. 'The boat needs to be fixed. We haven't got to play on it much this term,' complained Albert. Lucy agreed with Albert saying, 'When I came up from the Infants I was looking forward to going on the boat but only got to go on it back in September - it is very disappointing.'


Let's see if the school council can bring about the changes they are hoping for!

School Council Meet the Mayor!


The school's newly elected School Council recently visited the Town Hall to meet the Mayor, Cllr Yemi Osho, at the invitation of Waltham Forest councillor, Roy Berg.


Roy, who is also a governor of the school, talked to the children in the debating chamber about democracy and how the council operates.


The councillors not only got to meet the Mayor but also managed to get an invite into the Mayor's parlour.


The Mayor was concerned to hear about the problems the school has faced with cars not stopping at the zebra crossing on Kings Road. She advised the children to get a petition signed which could be used to get Waltham Forest Council to apply pressure to get a safer crossing.


Watch this space!


Chingford CofE Primary School

Kings Road

London, E4 7EY

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