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C of E Primary School

"Don't look out only for your own interests, but take an interest in others, too."  (Philippians 2:4)

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Year 5

Awe Inspiring Home Learning

TV star!

WOW! Lily's Home Learning Project Taking Us Out To Space (inspired from the space-themed reading comprehension tasks!)

Albert's Solar System!

Albert has made the planets from polystyrene balls, painted and decorated them, and attached the correct amount of moons to each planet in our solar system.  All the moons, and our Sun are made out of pompoms.  Then he's hung them up in the correct order.

What an amazing effort, we love it!

Sam W's Lockdown Activities

Well Done Sam!

1. Mindful colouring

2. Worm experiment

3. Soda bread

4. Felt decoration

Albert 5B

Home Science Project!

We thought we'd share Albert's science project that he started on during the very first week of lockdown, it was to grow a sugar crystal using a "super saturated solution".  He found the experiment on this website, there are lots of other experiments to do.


Well Done Bert!



Photo 1: Solution at the start of the experiment. Photos 2/3: Five weeks on the crystals are formed. Photo 4: They look like Kryptonite!

Letter to Pupils 25.06.2020

Letter to Pupils 11.06.2020

Letter to Pupils 21.05.2020

Letter to Pupils 07.05.2020

Letter to pupils 23.04.2020

Y5B Letter to Pupils April 2020


Hello 5 Bronte,


It is really strange going into school and not seeing you all there. We are missing you all. How are you getting on? 


Remember we talked about keeping ourselves busy in the event of a lockdown. I hope you are all keeping up with your reading and that you will have some super book recommendations for us all when we return. Can you write some book reviews? There are lots interesting tasks that you’ll find on the website. Enjoy doing them as there is a lot of scope for being creative for some of the topics. 


Also, have you been exercising with Joe Wicks each morning? It is really important that you keep your fitness levels up especially as there was some fantastic improvement in our Mile-a-day performance. I’m exercising every day too.


 Did you see the Queen’s broadcast? She recommended reflection using prayer or meditation which reminded me of our trip to the mandir, a place we found very tranquil. So, if you need a quiet moment try to recapture that feeling wherever you have experienced it.


Keep setting yourself little targets to achieve, whether Maths, Literacy or some other skills. Do you remember me saying that I’ll start learning Spanish?  I have and now know some simple phrases and sentences.

Look after yourselves, your families and enjoy having more time together over the coming weeks. Keep Safe by following the covid-19 rules.


Happy Easter/ Felices Pascuas.      

 Adios, niños y niñas

 Mrs Rhys, Ms Staples, Mrs Koch and Mrs Malik


Y5H Letter to Pupils April 2020


Hi Hawking class,


We are really missing you and have been thinking about you and hoping that you’re staying safe with your family indoors. It was very strange for us all to not be at school and even 2 weeks away has seemed like a very long time - don’t worry if you’re feeling this or if you’re feeling sad or confused and missing your friends and routine as everyone, even the grown ups, are feeling this way right now - it’s a strange time in all our lives! 


We just want to remind you that there are activities and suggestions of things to do to learn at home on the school website  But we’ve also been thinking of Other things you could be doing at home to keep busy and keep your mind and body healthy.


Firstly, establish a daily routine much like we have at school - this really helps to know what the day will ‘look like’ and you’ll feel more settled. Have a variety  of activities and limit them in their length of time so that you don’t get bored and also have things to look forward to. Go to bed at a reasonable time and don’t treat the times that should be school days as holiday days.


Next, make sure you do your daily exercise - this could be Joe Wicks or there are lots of other ideas that are on the website - get your grown ups to join in too! Try not to miss your daily outdoor exercise and go for a walk/run/cycle with your family close to your home - but follow the rules and don’t stop, keep moving as remember we are only allowed outside to exercise, not meet up and stop to chat/play.  The sunshine will make you feel better and take your mind off any worries or boredom.


Are you doing something creative each day? Are you having quiet time to read and get away from the ‘buzz’ of life so that you can relax? Are you keeping in contact with your friends but not spending too much time on social media/gaming - again, vary and limit your time on all activities.


This is a really good time to learn a new skill or go back to something you used to enjoy but thought you didn’t have time for anymore. Can your grown ups help you learn to cook/bake something, could you learn to sew or knit, could you make some play dough, could you draw or paint a picture, could you write a letter to a relative that you don’t see often or to a grown from your family who you can’t visits this time? These things will cheer you up and those around you as well as keep you busy. Have you had a look up in the loft/garage/under the bed and played a game that you have long forgotten about - board games are great for practising persistence, working as a team and using your maths and reading skills in a practical way.


We would like to suggest that you write a letter to someone in the future to explain to them what your daily life is like in this ‘lockdown’ period. You could research what life was like for evacuee children in WW2 (this would be good prior learning for year 6 history!) and compare/contrast their experiences with yours. You could write your daily thoughts/experiences in a dairy format or, if you’re feeling adventurous, make a time capsule and bury it in your garden!.


Most of all children, we want you to know that we care very much about you all and are both sad that we can’t see you and teach you all the things that we had planned. This is a very unusual time in the history of our country and our lives but use the time wisely to relax, read, be helpful to your grown ups, be kind (or be quiet....) to everyone, wash your hands and stay at home. Happy Easter - we hope the bunny brings some eggs! Save us some


We hope to see you all very soon,


Take care,

Lots of love

Miss Efreme, Miss Watson, Mrs Goldstein, Mrs Staples and Mrs Koch

Year 5 Expectations

Useful links

Pupils can recap and extend their learning by using these websites:

  • Purple Mash (use school log-in)

  • London Grid For Learning (LGFL - use school log-in)

  • Mathletics (use school log-in)


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