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C of E Primary School

"Don't look out only for your own interests, but take an interest in others, too."  (Philippians 2:4)

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Year 6

Dear Y6 pupils,


It is fast approaching the end of term and the end of your primary school career. I am so sorry that the global pandemic has interrupted your final year in the way that it has. You have been amazingly resilient and pragmatic about missing all the things that other Y6 cohorts have come to expect as a rite of passage. I am very proud of each and every one of you for the way that you have handled this. It was not of your making or choosing but you’ve shown strength and maturity in the way that you’ve accepted the situation. Remember, “Disappointment to a noble soul is what cold water is to burning metal; it strengthens, tempers, intensifies, but never destroys it.”


The staff team  want to mark your last day at school the best way we can under the COVID-19 regulations and so we invite you all to come in on Monday 13th July, even if you haven’t chosen to come back before then, if you’re able to.

Outline of the day:


9am: Y6D queue by the “in” gate and Y6P queue by the “out” gate

After handwashing we will go into the tents on the field in our bubbles but will be able to see each other from a social distance.

9.30am: Fr Justin, Luke Lowrie from Red Balloon and Mthr Katherine will lead a church service from the tents for us. Some of you will read prayers and your memories just as you would have done in church. We will be working on them over the next couple of weeks.

10amish: playtime

10.30amish: Activities

12noon: Party lunch –you do NOT need to bring a packed lunch as school is providing a party style lunch for you all. Theresa, our cook, is busy planning it now!

2pm: Awards Ceremony


We are going to record both the church service and the awards ceremony so that any pupils who can’t come, plus your parents and wider family can watch them afterwards as we can’t invite them to join us, as we would have done so previously. It will be something to look back on it in years to come and see how cute you were when you were in Y6!


Please bring a carrier bag to school on the 13th as everyone will be taking their year book home that day and possibly a trophy, if you win one of the awards! Remember, you don’t need a packed lunch that day!

If you have any questions or queries, ask me or one  of the team when you are next in school or you can send an email to the year 6 email address.


You have been a terrific year group all the way through school and we have loved having you at CCofE. We look forward to celebrating together on the 13th July with as many of you as are able to.


Best wishes,

Ms Lampard


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Y6P Letter to Parents April 2020


Dear Lovelies of 6 Pankhurst,


I just wanted to send you a message to say that I am thinking of you: I really hope that you are all staying safe at home, looking after yourselves, keeping busy, setting yourself new challenges, doing well with your families and also behaving well for your families! I am so proud of you all for staying home, doing the right thing and I hope that you are making the most of your time at home. I know it can sometimes seem a bit 'boring' but we have to remember that we are all fighting the bad germs by staying at home, they can't spread or get any worse and so we can make sure that we are all fit and healthy! The most amazing thing about this is that one day in the future, people will learn about this and please remember that you are so important because YOU ARE MAKING HISTORY - when you grow up, you will be able to tell people about your own 'lockdown' experiences!yes 

I read an inspirational statement that I would like to share with you: Viruses are contagious. But so is fear, panic, empathy, love

and kindness. Choose wisely which one you will spread!


We are blessed with so much and we need to appreciate all of the things that we take for granted. This time is a perfect opportunity for us to dig deep within and reflect: I have certainly been reflecting on things that I was taking for granted - I have been filling out a jar with things that I miss the most and I can't wait to start pulling these out and enjoying them one by one (once this is over.) I would love to see some of you also setting yourself this challenge - what 'normal' things are you missing the most and cannot wait to do? enlightened


It feels so strange not seeing you all and I am missing teaching you! Some of the things that I am missing the most is learning how to say our register in different languages, using our 'alliteration names,' our weird and wonderful timer sounds, our silly and giggly moments in class (many of those we have had!) and also playing our favourite Japanese instrumental music in the classroom! I am also missing doing our daily mile (and the lovely chats we had whilst doing it), but I am trying to keep up with the daily mile in my garden - luckily, the weather has been kind to us! It is very important to try and keep yourself healthy - emotionally, physically and mentally!  I hope you all are trying to keep a balance also! The most special thing about 6 Pankhurst is that each and every one of you always tried their best, strived to do better, demonstrated a fabulous 'team spirit' and helped each other when we got stuck - I hope you all remember how incredibly special you all are in your unique way! Remember to always be kind to each other, to love one another and support everyone around yousmiley


I hope you have managed to start the home learning. Remember to try your best, challenge yourself and keep learning fun - I am sure that you will be impressing your grown-ups with all your wonderful learning! Remember, you can also use Mathletics/Purple Mash (using school log-in), as well as your CGP comprehension textbook, CPG SPAG textbook and home learning packs to consolidate and extend your learning! I have a special Easter challenge for you all  - can you a learn a new skill that you can share with someone else and teach someone else? I have been wanting to learn sign language, so I have been learning the alphabet, some words and simple phrases. angel

Lastly, I would like to wish you all a lovely Easter break: keep smiling and keep doing your fantastic learning! I am so proud of you all at doing such a brilliant job in this strange situation. I cannot wait to see what you have all been up to! Remember we are all in this together! Stay safe and stay positive! Be thankful. Be grateful.heart


Missing your lovely smiles so much and I REALLY REALLY hope we will be in touch very soon! wink


​Ms Beg, Anne and Mrs Hall  xx​


Y6D Letter to Pupils April 2020


Dear 6 Darwin,


I am writing to you to see how you are all getting on and to let you know I am thinking of you all every day. Firstly, let me start by saying I REALLY MISS YOU GUYS! I hope you are all well and keeping safe at home. These are very strange times but I know you are more than capable of making the best of it. I sincerely hope you are all being very good for your grownups and looking after their well-being as they are yours!


Well done everyone for staying home, I hope that things are not too boring for you, remember you all have plenty to be keeping yourselves busy with. As you know, keeping your body and mind active is going to be really important for you over the coming weeks. Not all of your grownups are teachers, therefore it is important that you take responsibility for your own home-learning; I suggest making a weekly time-table at the start of the week to keep you on track. As well as online activities, make sure you practise handwriting and writing with your pen. This is a perfect opportunity to catch up on lots of reading (I certainly have been!) or to take up a new skill. Try and get outside when you can to take up fresh-air and exercise. There are also lots of learning opportunities outside; take time to observe nature – especially in spring time when there are lots of changes taking place. Be creative, pursue topics that spark your interest and create your own research and observation projects   – it is not every day you get to choose your own learning so make the most of it! I can’t wait to hear all about what you have been up to, how you have found useful ways to spend your time and all you have created. Just let me know if you get stuck for ideas!


I know some of you might be wondering how I am getting on: well don’t worry I have been well – I have been finding many ways to keep myself entertain on the days I am not working at school. So far I have been trying my best to keep fit with the daily Joe Wicks PE lesson (although, in all honesty, I must admit I haven’t managed it every day!). Lee and I have taken up yoga, something new for both of us - I might be a Yoga expert by the end of all this! Furthermore, I have been enjoying Oti Mabuse’s (my favourite Strictly star as you all know) YouTube dance classes. As well as keeping active, I have been keeping up to date and checking in on my family and friends (I recommend you do the same it’s really nice to hear from people you miss!). I’ve made banana bread and even started a sewing project! (Although I am still not as good as Jasmine is!). Not to mention – catching up on a few Disney movies and having a good sing along! (My poor neighbours!)  


School is very strange without all of you there, however, I must say it has been lovely to see some of the children who have had to attend and we have had some great fun making salt dough creations and singing along to musicals. I’m not sure who enjoyed it more – me or the children! But not having children to teach everyday has left a void in my life… so I have taking to correcting Lee’s grammar and spelling mistakes when I can, which he doesn’t enjoy very much! I’ve also tried to teach my house plants some maths - but they didn’t like square roots! I even tried to teach them about circles – but there was no point! (Get it!).

As the Easter holidays approach, it makes me sad that we won’t get to enjoy our last Summer term together as we would have been. And I do understand that some of you may be feeling a little short-changed – missing out on the things we were all looking forward to doing. However, we should also be grateful to have already shared some fantastic memories together over the last year and a half. Gilwell Park was a real highlight for me, as well as many other trips we have attended. Not to mention the class assemblies, class debates and discussions, circle times, chit-chats during the daily mile and much – much more! Last Christmas’s Strictly Come Dancing competition probably being my favourite memory of them all! What a talented bunch you all are!


Together, we have worked hard and overcome many challenges and Covid-19 is another type of challenge for us all to face.  If you are worried or scared about it at any point, please make sure you talk to someone about how you are feeling – a problem shared is a problem halved! Keep your chin up - remember what you have accomplish and achieved already and know that you do not need a SATS result as a validation of all the effort and hard work you have put in! We are all very proud of you regardless! Just remember it’s not going to be forever – we will get through it! As I promised, when this is all over (and we are told we are allowed to) we will have a big celebration! Even if you are off to your Secondary Schools, I’ll arrange a reunion with Mrs Lampard to see you off properly on your next chapters – as you all well deserve!


So for now, be good, listen to your grownups; keep busy and active and most importantly - keep safe by following the government guidelines and staying home. Take care of yourselves and your families and hopefully I will be able to see you all soon! Happy Easter everyone! Enjoy all the chocolate – I certainly will be!


All the best!

Miss Greenberg, Anne and Mrs Hall!

Year 6 SATs 2020 Presentation for Parents, Carers & Guardians

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