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"Don't look out only for your own interests, but take an interest in others, too."  (Philippians 2:4)

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Being at school is a very important part of any young person’s life.

It enables them to learn, to make friends, to gain important knowledge and to develop a variety of skills which will prepare them for adult life. School and parents are partners in making this a success. As parents or carers it is your responsibility to make sure that your child makes the most of this opportunity by attending regularly.


Taking the register

Schools have a legal duty to record the attendance of every pupil or record them absent or late. The register is called at the beginning of both the morning and afternoon sessions. If a pupil has to leave school for any reason during the school day, school should be informed of this prior to the day. An appointment letter or slip should be shown to the office on collecting your child.


When the whole class arrives on time and registration can take place smoothly then the day starts off so much better. Although it is better for pupils to be late than not to be in school at all, when they do arrive late they miss out on an important part of the school day. Any pupil arriving late must follow the schools late procedures signing in at the School Office. Explanation for this lateness should be provided by their parent or carer.


Absence from School

By law, schools must record absences and the reason given. You are therefore requested to contact school on every day of your child’s absence: by telephoning the school office on 0208 529 7601 before 9a.m. On their return to school you must then send a note explaining the absence. The school office should be informed in writing of absences known in advance such as dental appointments. You are asked to make dental appointments out of school time as far as possible.



Family holidays should never be taken during school terms.

Where there are extenuating circumstances, an application should be made to the Head teacher a term in advance. The Head teacher can only authorise absence in exceptional circumstances. Further information is available from the school office. For a copy of the Schools Attendance Policy, please contact the school office.


Why is good attendance important?

Good attendance at school is vital for pupils to achieve their full education potential. Pupils with good attendance records benefit in the following ways:-

• Continuity of learning which makes progress and retention easier

• Enhanced performance in examinations

• Continuity of relationships and friendships

• Good habits are formed for later life


What constitutes good attendance?

Attendance percentages are not like examination results. An attendance percentage needs to be in the high nineties before it can be considered good. Consider the following examples:-

• An attendance record of 90% might seem good but is equal to one day missed per fortnight! If this continues from Year 2 to 6 a total of six month’s education will be lost.

• An attendance record of 80% might seem acceptable but is equal to one day missed per week!!

If this continues from Years 2 to 6 a total of one year’s education will be lost.


What is an unauthorised absence?

Only the school can authorise an absence. An explanation given by a parent is not, necessarily, sufficient for the school to authorise an absence. According to guidelines to schools from the Department Education,an absence may only be authorised if the absence is due to :

• Pupil illness,

• The pupil being unable to attend due to unavoidable causes,

• Religious observance where applicable,


Absences which the school is not able to authorise include:

• Looking after a relative, pet etc.

• A shopping trip, even if this is for uniform

· Day off for a birthday

• Lateness after the register has closed, i.e. after 9:05 am

• Being unable to participate in a school activity, e.g. school trip

• Remaining at home to wait for deliveries, repair men etc.

• Meeting relatives from/taking relatives to the airport

Understanding Your Childs Attendance Zones


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